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Park Place Health Solutions is a medically integrated clinic consisting of both Chiropractic and Medical Providers. What exactly is medically integrated? Our team consist of highly skilled clinicians, including Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Doctors of Chiropractic. This enables our staff to meet each patient’s specific goals and needs by our ability to provide uniquely coordinated care.  By communicating effectively and efficiently among our respected Providers, this ensures that you – THE PATIENT- gains the advantage of more diverse treatment options.

22 Years in Business

Serving the Fort Worth area for over 22 years.

Loved By Our Clients

"...I am absolutely delighted with the results! If you go to Park Place Health Solutions for chiropractic needs or HRT, you will LOVE the staff, and I can't thank Dr. Park & Jennifer enough for providing great care that makes me feel like my Good "Younger Self" again!"

New Name

Park Place Health Solutions was formerly known as Park Family Health Care.

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