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Kinesiology Taping


Q. What is Kinesiology Taping?

This is a specialized form of tape with an additional elastic component to the backing that is applied to targeted areas of the body where injury to soft tissues or instability has occurred.

Q. How does it work?

Sections or pieces of tape are cut or pre-cut for specific body parts and then applied to control and help stabilize motion within a specific joint or muscle group. This allows control to occur while supporting the muscles, tendons and ligaments under the tape and helps to restore normal movement and activity within the targeted joint or muscle group.

Q. What does Kinesiology Taping feel like?

Results can vary based on the areas involved, the type of tape that is used and the amount or intensity of movement/exercises that the patient is involved in. Applications can be made for one specific event or exercise program, or can be applied for as long as four to five days, depending on the application.

Patient Benefits

  • Reduces pain sensation

  • Helps decrease swelling

  • Promotes general muscle tone

  • Speeds the healing process

Health Tip:

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