Our clients RAVE about the work we do—and the RESULTS they get!

I'v been Dr. Park's patient for several years.   His treatment for my arm numbness was spot on...never had a problem since and I happily return for regular adjustments. A few weeks ago, during an appointment, I mentioned to Dr. Park my symptoms of depression, anxiety and lack of motivation.  He felt strongly that I had a testosterone deficiency, and likely, an estrogen deficiency.  He gave me an information brochure about Evexipel HRT.  Bloodwork revealed exactly what he suspected, and I set up an appointment immediately for an appointment with Jennifer Pauli, FNP-C, who is on staff.  I decided to have the implant procedure done at that consult, and IN ONE WEEK, I felt less anxious and more motivated than I have in MONTHS! THREE WEEKS later, my libido increased dramatically. I am absolutely delighted with the results! If you go to Park Family Healthcare for chiropractic needs or HRT, you will LOVE the staff, and I can't thank Dr. Park & Jennifer enough for providing great care that makes me feel like my Good "Younger Self" again!

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