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"It is the mission of the Park Place Health Solutions Team to provide a nurturing, educational, and positive atmosphere with strong moral and ethical values. This is to help as many patients as possible to approach wellness, optimal health, prolong life and improve daily living by increasing the quality of life for our patients."

We know every patient by name and always try to provide same or next day appointments for your convenience.

Call us at 817.335.2666 to schedule your next appointment.

How Can We Help You?

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Fort Worth Medically Integrated Health Clinic

Park Place Health Solutions is a medically integrated clinic consisting of both Medical and Chiropractic Providers. What exactly does Medically Integrated mean? Our team consists of highly skilled clinicians, including Primary Care MD,  Doctor of Chiropractic, and a Nurse Practitioner. We meet each patient’s specific goals and needs by our ability to provide uniquely coordinated care.  Conditions commonly treated by our clinic are Sick/Acute visits, Yearly Physicals, Medication Management, Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss. Conditions commonly treated by our DC are  Headaches/Migraines, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain and all other Musculoskeletal Pain.  By communicating effectively and efficiently among our respected Providers, this ensures that you -THE PATIENT- gains the advantage of more diverse treatment options.

22 Years in Business

Serving the Fort Worth area for over 22 years.

Loved By Our Clients

"...I am absolutely delighted with the results! If you go to Park Place Health Solutions for chiropractic needs or HRT, you will LOVE the staff, and I can't thank Dr. Park & the nurse practitioners enough for providing great care that makes me feel like my Good "Younger Self" again!"

New Name

Park Place Health Solutions was formerly known as Park Family Health Care.

Who is Park Place Health Solutions?


We are two individual practices under one site. Traditional Medical Care and Chiropractic Care including on-site X-Rays & Laboratory. All your health care needs can be addressed in one location. 

           Transforming your health is our commitment!

Insurance Policy

Our group is in network with ALL Major Insurance plans.

Most treatments are covered under "Primary" care services with lower co-pays.

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