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Want to help improve and maintain good health?

We our now offering Biotin, Calm and CBD injections in addition to our Slim/Lipo, Super B Boost and Vitamin D Shots. Injections can have faster results and may be more effective than oral or other methods of supplementation as the medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

What are some of the benefits in these injections?

  • Biotin is known to help with hair, eyes, skin, liver and nervous system

  • Calm shot is known to help with mood and anxiety, migraines, muscle tension & pain and restless leg syndrome.

  • CBD is known to help with anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, migraines and autoimmune disorders.

  • Slim/Lipo shot is used to help patients with weight loss by boosting energy and metabolism, supporting sugar control, promoting detox and increasing fat burning in the body.

  • Super B Boost is a vitamin packed injection that can help boost immunity and energy, improve wound healing and skin health, improve nerve health, detox the body and support sugar control.

  • Vitamin D is known to help boost immunity, help with fatigue, promote strong & healthy bones, support muscle function and brain cell activity, help with depression or mood, etc.

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